The Sheriff (musicfaninsf) wrote in marc_broussard,
The Sheriff

It's about the music...

I just discovered that there is this other LJ community out there for Marc and a few of the things I'm reading really bothered me. I am a good friend of Marc's and work with him. It's supposed to be about the MUSIC, not his personal life. What Marc's children look like or if he's married or any of those things really are none of your business unless he's made them pubic information in an interview. What he does backstage or at a venue is NOT for the workers to share with you to share with this community. That is a breach of privacy and not cool. And mostly because it's second-hand information and often times totally untrue.

Marc is an AMAZING musician and I think that's how we all discovered him and why we like him in the first place. What he does in his personal life really doesn't have anything to do with that - this is true of ALL artists. LOVE the music, RESPECT the privacy, and we can all get along.

If you want to know more about Marc, check out the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) posted at the top of the Carencro forum at his message board -

Rock on,
Rachel "The Sheriff"
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