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the three of clubs

Don't Change Horses?

Marc is currently performing a cover of Tower of Power's song "Dont Change Horses (In the Middle of a Stream)." I found a clip of the original here, if anyone wants to check it out! I'm a little sad to no longer hear "Steamroller" and "Maybe Your Baby" as part of the set list, but Marc was really having fun with the new cover-- and with the whole concert in general. It's funny, this was my third Marc concert and I felt like I had seen him grow up as a musician. He seems much more comfortable in his own skin on stage than he did three years ago! What used to just be in his legs is now all over the stage.

And, the 11/17 show at Starr Hill in Virginia was awesome as usual, though Brandi Carlisle went on a little too long as one of the openers. Gibb Droll's band was the other opener, which was fun because it's Gibb, he's from Virginia, and he's out of control!

Something that sketched me out: some girls who just happened to be college freshmen were outside of the venue and saw a man they assumed was a roadie. They asked him, "How long have you been working for Marc?" to which he replied, "A couple of years now," and then when everyone around him started laughing, he explained that he was Marc, the girls had never seen a picture of him so they had no idea. Then he invited them to a party on the bus after the show. Is this as sketchy as it sounds to me?

"It's good to be back in the SOUTH!" - Marc

No pictures from this one, sorry y'all!
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