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Hello Everyone!
My name is Jordan and I just joined!
Little bit about myself: I'm 21 from Indianapolis, IN...
I have been a Marc fan for a really long time now. I first heard about him like 2 years (maybe?) ago when he was touring with Maroon 5. He ended up not opening for them here in Indy (Michael Tolcher did, which was amazing!).
I have never seen Marc in concert, only because when he was here earlier this year he came to a venue that was 21 years + (The Music Mill, which I saw pics of on someone else's post), and I had not yet turned the big 2-1. I was very mad, but I got over it.
But this friday I am seeing him for the first time in Bloomington. I am very excited!
Just curoius as to what I should expect from in live, and does he generally come out and meet fans? I want to meet him pretty badly. I have heard that he is very sweet, do you guys whom have met him agree?

Thanks so much, and I look forward to reading this comm.
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