Lisa (cercell55) wrote in marc_broussard,

Original Version of Wanderer??

Hey guys! My name is Lisa and I have been a Marc fan for about 5 years now! I saw him play at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago when he opened for OAR and he played a different version of Wanderer! I have it on some old cd I made like 5 years ago but its all scratched and I want to download it again! Does anyone know where I can find it???
I met Marc last year when he played at my college (IWU) and I asked him why he changed the lyrics b/c its my favorite song and he said that he changed it so long ago that he doesn't even really remember the words to the original version!! So maybe I am totally out of date and I won't be able to find it but just wondering if anyone else knows about the original version and could give me some hints!!!
Marc is so nice in person!!! and he is an amazing performer!! ~Lisa~
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I work with Marc and should be able to help you, but I am a little confused myself. What do you mean by changed the lyrics? Which lyrics? There ARE two version - one from his first album "Momentary Setback" and then he added in some stuff and changed it up slightly (no real lyric changes though) for the newer album, "Carencro". Do you mean something more than those changes?
It was an acoustic version that is much slower than the new version and it may or may not have been this version he does not repeat any lyrics and instead of the line "theres a better man inside of me" he says "i will love you for all eternity" thanks so much for your help!! :-)